About Us
Innovation, research, and development
Standardized operation, internationalized quality, and satisfied customers

Since the birth of Hwa Fong, we have been revolving around our management concepts of "Innovation, Research, and Development." In an age of vehement competition, only ceaseless research and development does there emerge a sustainable lease of life. We have imported innovative production technologies and equipment, improved our production procedure, prolonged the life of moulds, planned fast mould-change production lines, even aggressively developed aerospace products, and participated in the research of military products for the Defense Ministry. In addition to enhancing self-research and self-development, by means of strategic alliances with foreign companies and authorization, we have imported technologies; and by means of cooperation between industry, government, and academia, project researches have been proceeded to expand the results and efficiencies for research and development.

"Standardized operation, internationalized quality, and satisfied customers" are our quality policies. Only standardized operations can enhance efficiency, reduce production costs, and materialize the goal that our quality will be compliant with internationalization. Based on a rigorous and standard procedure for production operations, high-quality forged products are all manufactured under such a procedure, from feeding, mould designs, forging, side cuts, and shaping, in order to produce the products that can meet the requirements of the client, and to even reduce costs and enhance product competitiveness.

Due to the efforts made by all our staff, with the concept of "Better, Better, and Better" in mind, we have received the ISO 9001 certification and a quality assurance from the McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Co. From now on, we will endeavor to crystallize our ultimate goal--- "customer satisfaction". Our mechanical factories are the machine-processing factories equipped with both military product-specific production lines and general machines and parts-processing production lines. Since our establishment, we have been holding on to the concepts of "incessant innovation and change, and the enhancement of production capability and product quality," and have been recognized by Europe and America, signed technology transfer agreements, and imported advanced production technologies.

Company History
  • 1974’s
    Company was established. The forge factory was built in Jin Shan, named Hua Feng Steel Forge Factory Co., Ltd.
  • 1975’s
    Specialized in the blank forging of the accessories of vessels and sold back to Japan.
  • 1978’s
    Commenced producing mobile parts to supply mobile manufacturers, such as Yulong, Ford, Honda, etc.
  • 1981’s
    Responding to the governmental policy for independent national-defense industry, we subjectively participated the development and research of the military equipment for national-defense, supplying the accessories for caterpillar band and suspension system of the armor vehicles.
  • 1984’s
    Assisted and approved by the department of chassis system and steering system in the largest mobile part factory, TRW, in US for manufacturing steering adapter, we successfully strode into the mobile part market in US.
  • 1994’s
    The forge factory was certified by ISO9001 and McDonnell Douglas Corp. for the Quality Assurance System.
  • 1998’s
    Hwa Fong passed the evaluation by the famous manufacturer for forklifts, Linde, in Germany to supply the blank forging for Germany forklift.
  • 1999’s
    Supplied the chassis forgings for mobiles required by domestic trader for exporting to Europe.
  • 2000’s
    Produced the blank forgings for steering section to supply the subcontractors of China Motor.
  • 2002’s
    Co-developed Display 3C accessories with Apple company.
  • 2004’s
    Directly exported to Japan, the largest OEM supplier for the iron part for caterpillar vehicle. Trading Department was established to satisfy the inquiries from foreign customers.
  • 2007’s
    Developed trailer frame system, engineering vehicle chain link system, and obtained patent certificate.
  • 2010’s
    Obtained ISO/TS 16949 quality certification.
  • 2018’s
    Obtained IATF 16949 quality certification.
  • 2018’s
    Hwa Fong and Intermesindo becomes strategic partnerships in 2018 in order to enhance our global competitiveness and expand our production lines.
  • 2019’s
    Established the New Business Development Department.
Company Name Hwa Fong Steel Forging Works Co., Ltd
Owner Mr. Wang
Address Jinshan Plant - No.11, LinKou, Chonghe Village, Jinshan Dist., 20841 New Taipei City
Intermesindo Plant - Jl. Pajajaran Raya No.3 Jatake Jati Uwung Tangerang Banten,RT.001/RW.003,Jatiuwung,Kec. Cibodas,Kota Tangerang,Banten 15137
Date of Establishment Hwafong - 1974’s
Intermesindo - 2009’s
Factory Area Jinshan Plant - 6600 square meter
Intermesindo Plant - 10800 square meter
Capital Hwafong - TWD $ 85 million
Intermesindo - USD $ 7 million
Employee Number Hwafong - 65 people
Intermesindo - 245 people
Annual Revenue Hwafong - 2019 : TWD 320 million
Intermesindo - 2019 : USD 10 million
Product Item Vehicle and motorcycle parts、Construction Machine Undercarriage Parts、Hand Tools and Others
Producing Capability Jinshan Plant - 500~600T/month
Intermesindo Plant - 600~700T/month
Main Customers